Black Rose 

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Who is she?


Hailey is not the average women. 
She looks, talk, smiles, and hurts like the average women but she is still different. 
She is what you would call a monster. 
But what she would call, a fox demon. 
She has lived for centuries, seeing wars, cities being built and destroyed, romance of others and her own.
Her eyes have seen death and birth.
Her home has been invaded destroyed and abandoned.
Her life has flashed before her eyes multiple times, though no one will know.
She has made friends and she has lost some.
She has made enemies and the number still grows.
Though some people know her as Hailey...
Others know her as The Black Rose.

Name: Hailey

Age: Was born in the 1400s so she is old but she looks 20.

Relationship: She is married to a demon named Xio, though she hasn't seen him in a while.

Description: She has long black hair. She has dark blue eyes that change to red when her demon side takes over. She usually wears dark clothes. She will rarely be in a dress and if she is it is most likely going to be when she is visiting her brother's grave or if it is back in the olden days.

Personality: Hailey is gently and caring like a mother. She is also protective and strong. In her demon form she could be mean and vicious or she could be gentle. It all depends on the day. She has become slightly depressed and inward to herself. She has become a quiet soul. Her emotions are messed up because of all she has seen and done. She will shed tears easily or she will be pissed easily.

Species: Hailey has been a fox demon all her life. Then a few years ago she was bitten by her, late, best friend and turned into a vampire.

Family: Her mother, father, and both older brother Adam are all dead. Amy (her twin), Senari, Xzavier Alexander, Adam and her husband Xio are all still alive.

Weakness: Though her blood can be spilt by anything human and inhuman, only one blade can fully kill her. It is called the Shadow Blade. There are no others like it in the world, which is a good thing, but the Shadow Blade seems to be missing. She is also very caring, which could get her killed a lot of times. She doesn't like to fight unless she has too.

Fun Facts: 
Hailey is a vegitarian. 
She also used to have black fox ears and a black tail. 
If you are drunk around her she will find a brick wall and throw you into it until you are knocked out.
She might even sometimes, if she knows you well enough, turn into a fox and sit on your head.